Westbury by Digger Specialties Inc.

Why Westbury

There are many reasons why the Westbury family of railings are experiencing a steady growth among homeowners, deckers, contractors, builders, and architects.

Is it:

  1. That Westbury has 16 styles of railings?
  2. The 12 certified powder-coated colors in smooth or textured colors?
  3. A Custom Color option?
  4. The Limited Lifetime Warranty?
  5. The 5 yr. fade warranty that assures your railing will look fantastic for years to come?
  6. The unobstructed view that people love? 
  7. The ease of installation?
  8. DSI has gates!
  9. DSI offers matching aluminum columns and posts that can be used for wraps and sleeves.
  10. DSI offers Screenrail for those who want to keep out those pesky insects.
  11. Matching low voltage or solar lighting?
  12. All the above

The answer is L, all of the above. The Westbury Railing System gives designers, specifiers, architects, and especially the homeowner the freedom to create the outdoor living area of their dreams..

The Westbury System

Westbury Aluminum Family of Products

2 Rail Systems w/Gates

Tuscany - (C10, C101) Square Baluster (C10) - ¾” x ¾” x .045” wall Round Baluster (C101) – ¾” x .050” wall >>>Resources >>>>> Stair Racking Guide
VertiCable (80) - Factory Assembled!  >>> Resources >>> Stair Racking Guide
Montego (C20) - Architectural Baluster >>> Resources >>> Stair Racking Guide (Gates not available at this time)
Liberty (S10) Multi-Family Projects only >>> Resources >>> Stair Racking Guide (Gates not available at this time)

3 Rail Systems w/Gates

Riviera (C30, C30R, C301, C301R, C32, C321 ,C33, C331, C34, C341) Square Balusters ¾” x ¾” x (.045” wall) Round Balusters ¾” (.050” wall)  >>> Resources >>> Stair Racking Guide
Drink Rail Adapter fits all top rail profiles.


2" Residential Post (.090" Wall);
2" Heavy Duty Post -IRC (.093" Wall);
2-1/2" Power Post - IBC (.125" Wall);
4" Smooth Post - IRC & IBC (.125" Wall); (Can be used as a post sleeve - order without mounting plate)
4" Deco Post - (.090" Wall); (Can be used as a post sleeve - order without mounting plate)
6" Deco Post - (.090" Wall) (Can be used as a post sleeve - order without mounting plate)
6" Smooth Post - (NEW) (Can be used as a post sleeve - order without mounting plate)

Screen Rail

Continuous Handrail - ADA

Aluminum Columns

 - snap together cleanly and are structural load bearing. Can also be used as post wraps as well. Please notate upon ordering so you get a 2 piece cap and base.
Digger Specialties Inc. offers all of the above in any of the standard AAMA certified PCI powder coated 12 colors and is covered by our Lifetime Warranty.
We will also do radius bends on our railings at a modest charge and no significant additional leadtime.
We are IRC, IBC, and FBC approved as well.

Composite and Fiberglass Columns

Watch the video below and let Larry give you a tour of our Westbury mobile training trailer.

Railing Installation

"I will 110% recommend Westbury Rail to everyone considering a new or replacement rail project.”

Jennifer A.

Westbury Railing Installation Features and Benefits

The Pros tell us that Westbury is the most user friendly, quality railing system they have ever used.

Before there was Westbury, many hours of research were done to learn what installers liked and disliked about the railings that they had been using, All that information was used in designing every piece and part of the Westbury Railing System.


Our wide selection of available posts in 12 standard colors give you the freedom to design! Post kits are packaged with the post, cap, 4 leveling bolts, 2 SS shims, our 2 piece flair, screws and installation instructions in the box! 

Description and ratings for posts used in both 36" and 42" rail systems.

  1. 2" Residential - basic deck post
  2. 2" Heavy Duty Post - IRC approved - up to 3 stories above grade.
  3. 2½" Power Post - IBC approved for greater than 3 stories above grade. 
  4. 3" Post - IRC approved
  5. 4" Deco Post - untested backyard post (also available in 8', 9', and 10' posts as structural load bearing posts or sleeves)
  6. 4" Smooth - both IRC and IBC approved (also available in 8', 9', and 10' posts as structural load bearing posts or sleeves)
  7. 6" Smooth - (also available in 8', 9', and 10' posts as structural load bearing posts or sleeves)
  8. 6" Deco - (also available in 8', 9', and 10' posts as structural load bearing posts or sleeves)

All of our 8 available posts can be used in a "post to post" installation.

The 2" and 2½" posts are also available for a "crossover" railing method of installation in straight and a corner crossover kit

We also have a stair "crossover kit" for 2" posts only.

The posts are common and interchangeable to all of the Westbury railing styles.

Every aluminum post offered by DSI comes standard with a unique mounting plate welded to the bottom that has 4 SS adjustment bolts allowing the post to be made plumb with up to 7º of adjustment. The bolt presses against a stainless steel shim under the plate to maintain its position. See drawing. 

Posts can be ordered with the plate welded at a specific angle for use on a ramp for instance. 

Posts can also be ordered without the mounting plate.

  • One reason this would be done is when a fascia mount is needed to save space depending on your local codes. (Must use the 2" Heavy Duty Post)IMG 3064
  • Another reason would be to core drill and install the posts (which are made 8" longer) into concrete.
  • 4" and 6" posts can be ordered this way and used as sleeves to be used over an existing 4x4 or 6x6 treated post. Don't forget to order the caps and flairs!

There are 3 options for the post top. Our standard offering of a Flat Cap for any size post, the optional Ball Cap (Ball Cap is only available in 2", 2½" or 4" posts), or lights! You have the option to use either our Magena Star Low Voltage Led lighting or Solar LED lighting.

Let Larry take you through a detailed installation video for our post systems. Click Here!

Boxed Railing Sections

Each box of railing sections includes the top, bottom, and mid rails (3-rail system) along with the balusters, mounting brackets, screws and installation instructions. ( Note - If a bottom rail support is required it is in the box as well.)

Attaching the railing mounting brackets to the posts are made accurate and simple with the Mounting Template that can be used on 2", 2½", 3", or 4" posts. Instructions

A PVC insert is used inside all rail sections that keep the balusters snug thus eliminating and "rattle". Make sure these inserts are equally spaced on both ends before cutting the rail to size. See Drawing

If you are using the crossover post installation method the rails can be terminated just short of the wall using the top rail end cap for a clean finish and it also helps to keep out the insects! 

Whether you are doing the Post to Post or the Crossover Method of railing you can add our optional Drink Rail adapter. This allows you to attach a deck board to your top rail and have a place to set your ice tea or a flower pot!

The bottom rail on all styles is 4 sided to eliminate insects from building their homes inside. Sometimes it is the little things that matter.

You can design and order your railing and balusters in different colors to create a unique and beautiful look!

We also make a welded corner section for those who want to eliminate the corner posts.

We will also create a radius bend in your rail section to match the curve of your deck! All we need is the measurement between the posts and the offset at the midpoint.

Boxed Stair Rail Sections

Once again you will find everything in the box! Rails, balusters, mounting brackets, screws, and installation instructions.Reference the Stair Racking Guides to be sure your stair run and rise will work with our standard stair sections. If your stairs are outside the normal we can create stair rail sections to work for you. You will have to order the "Up/Down" swivel mounting brackets to accommodate your special application.

Not that all Balusters in both the 2 rail and 3 rail family with the exception of the C80 must be cut at the angle of the stairs for proper fitment into the rail sections.baluster cut

Click here for the Tuscany Installation guide.

Click here for a basic stair section installation video by Larry!

Mounting Brackets

Westbury "C" Series railing mounting brackets all have covers that hide the fasteners for a nice finished look. Mitre cuts are not required when using the correct connector bracket. The mounting brackets can be attached to the post, column, wall or any solid substrate with proper fasteners.

Adjustable Size Gates

Digger Specialties Inc. manufacturers adjustable gates in 3 basic sizes (36", 48" and 60") for our Tuscany C20, Riviera C30 Series, and the Verticable C80.

Choose between a 36" or 48" for the Veranda C70 railing.

All balusters are welded to the rails for strength and the end posts are mechanically attached so they can be removed. This allows for trimming the rail to the proper width and then simply reattach the end posts.


Coming Soonc80 verticable


The Westbury ScreenRail System

SR In and OutScreenRail is by far the best screen system to use to protect you and your family from insects! Like the rest of the Westbury family, ScreenRail is available in the same 12 powdercoated colors and has the same Limited Lifetime warranty.

It consists of  8 basic parts and is field cut to size on the jobsite.

  1. Framerail - is used to frame in or outline the existing opening. 
  2. Posts - are used when the width of an opening needs to be divided into a more managable width.
  3. Railing - Is an intergral part of ScreenRail when a railing is need for safety on decks 30" or higher above grade. 
  4. Kick Panel - Used on screen rooms that are 30" or less above grade and help keep damage from occuring at the bottom of the screen. 
  5. Mid-Rail - This is used as a horizontal member that will divide the height of the opening to a more managable size.
  6. Doors - Available in 32" x 80", 36" x 80", 48" x 80", and also custom sizes. Hardware available in Slate, Black, and White only.
  7. Spline - The .310 size flat spline is used on most  standard fiberglass screen fabrics and a smaller .285 flat spline maybe needed for a thicker, stiffer type screen fabric. 
  8. Screen Fabric is not available through Digger Specialties and may be sourced through another vendor or dealer.

Installation Video

Continuous Handrail

Comming soon continuous handrail

Magena Star Lighting

Magena Star Lighting

is available in colors to match your railing. There are several types of lights available in both Low Voltage LED and Solar lights.DSI Magena Star IMG 3789

Low Voltage LED

Solar Lights

Magena Star Low Voltage LED Video


Westbury Aluminum Columns are manufactured by Digger Specialties with the same high standards of all of their products and are available in the same 12 AAMA certified powder-coated colors!Image 1


These load bearing columns can also be used as post wraps should you decide to cover up existing wooden posts. 

Click the links below to find installation instructions as well as literature and spec sheets.

Fiberglass and Pultruded Columns


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